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Wild Dakota heads North.

Wild Dakota heads North.

      This year Wild Dakota was invited to participate at the 2nd Annual Fins & Feathers Fundraising event at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. This event raises money for their baseball program by doing what we love to do most: hunt & fish, & throwing a little competition with each other in there. The Fins and Feathers event is comprised of 4 different categories:
  - Fins, which is any type of fish
  - Upland feathers: pheasants, turkey, grouse, chucker, quail and doves
  - Waterfowl feathers: sandhill crane, Canadian or snow geese, ducks of all types, etcand
  - The North Dakotan. The North Dakotan is the mother load of categories, as it encompasses all of the        other division into one.
     Now the rules are simple, shoot or catch as many as you can according to the North Dakota Game and Fish regulations and be back to the weigh in point between 5 and 6 pm at the latest. By shooting different types of species within your division gains you more points, so you have to work multiple different terrains to get to your goal.


     The boys from South Dakota that joined me for this adventure included Jeff, Vern, Kelly and Doug, who got an early start on Friday morning as I left from the Minnesota home front. With it being around a 6 hour drive from Minneapolis I wanted to make sure to get an early start to see what elements we were up against when we reached North Dakota. Upon my arrival, I met up with some of the UMary coaches to sit down and talk about their hopes for the event.

     "This is our golf tournament," Coach Barta told me as we chatted in his office. He said that he had always had this idea in the back of his mind but nobody ever wanted to jump fully on board until he started coaching at UMary. Barta, the previous coach at Ridgewater Community College in Wilmar, Minnesota, knew that when he took the job at UMary this would be the perfect chance. "I have a lot of support here for this, we all love the outdoors" Barta said when he was asked about his staff. His team of supporters for this event went above and beyond to really make this happen to help the team. Barta stated that "it's a community thing, its not just the university" as we chatted more about the sponsors who were helping this year.


     After a quick look around on the plot maps, getting a really cool hat that I planned to wear the entire day hunting, I headed to meet the boys from SD at their hotel. The Seven Seas Best Western in Mandan hosted team Wild Dakota for the weekend. With comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and a great restaurant and bar located right within the hotel, this was the perfect place to rest before the hunt and relax afterwards.

     Saturday morning came bright and early as we headed out to a public plot to push for pheasants. Standing in a line, with the guys and the dogs, waiting for the clock to strike 8:16 am we took in a beautiful sunrise which sent chills down your spin. North Dakota sunrises over fields are a sight to see and truly a creation from God. We worked fields trying everything we could do to put some birds in our vests with no avail. With a hail mary call to Coach Barta, he set us up with Team Canceling Flights since '93 to go after the early afternoon roosters. Working as a seamless team, we all pushed a tall cornfield harvesting 7 birds in one push. With roosters flushing every which way, and sitting so close we almost were stepping on them in the tall grass, all of our hearts were going in only a way that hunting brings out of you.

mike h breakfast

     5 o clock was nearing closer and all the teams decided to call it a day and head in to the weigh in locations. DJ's Pizza lounge in Lincoln, ND hosted us for a great time of food and fellowship. Not to mention lots of raffle and silent auction items up for the taking! As everyone settled in, grabbed food and a drink, the coaches introduced players and handed out the raffle items to the winners. They also did an impromptu calling contest which drew great laughter from all the spectators. After a few more house keeping items, the winners were announced, the final auction items were handed out, and the event winded down with everyone in high spirits looking forward to next year. Im sure the boys, like I am, are anxious to get back there and compete in the North Dakotan division next year and continually support the University of Mary baseball program.


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Sportsmen’s Fight Against Invasive’s

Sportsmen’s Fight Against Invasive’s

Team Wild Dakota is asking everyone to take a stand against invasive and noxious species! This concerns everyone not just the sportsmen!  Get more information! or click here to watch videos!  To simply  Report a problem at with the Early Detection and Response action web page follow he link and directions!

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