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Jeffrey Boer;

From Wild Dakota Outdoor Television

Jeff Boer Being an outdoor addict takes me all the way back to the beginning. I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in January of 1976. I Attended the Tri-Valley School District K-12, and then went on to earn a degree in Graphic Communications Advertising and Design from SE Tech. But back to when I was little... my father Vern was an avid sportsman in just about every sport, indoors and out, ranging from football, basketball to Hunting and fishing. I wanted to start hunting about the time I first understood what the word meant. It all started by following my father to the duck blinds across eastern SD. We took home many small ducks (teal & wood ducks), at that time a goose was pretty hard to come by. If I wasn’t slinging a firearm over my shoulder, you could find me at the local creek reeling in catfish and carp.

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Jeff BoerThe yearning for more upland game and deer hunting would come later in life as opportunities arrived. Growing up organized sports were a huge part of my life. I tried just about everything but basketball and Baseball were my favorites. No matter what I did hunting was my first love! I remember missing a several practices do to hunting excursions. In fact up until now not a one of my ex-girlfriends made it through a hunting season. My son Kaiden Robert Boer was born April 12 of 2006, and he had changed my life for the better, forever and my first love soon became my second.

Now I look forward to teaching my son the things my father taught to me.

Jeff BoerI’ve come to realize that the experiences we have with our friends and family are considerably more important than the catch or kill. Although pulling the trigger is an incredibly important part of the excursion, the memories made will take the cake. Most of my best friends enjoy the outdoors as do I, and one of my good friends once told me, if you surround yourself with people like yourself, you’ll grow as a person to accomplish great things. I believe that holds true my friends, look at our pro-staff if they are not family they are our best friends.

Sometimes I forget about the people that mean a lot to me and having the job I have makes it tough to keep in contact as much as I should. 

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Jeff BoerNow my obsessive addiction takes me across the state meeting some of the best friends, giving me opportunities that I used to dream about. Wild Dakota was conceived in 2002 and became a reality August 3rd of 2003. What started out as a joke became the lifestyle I live today and I enjoy it all with a whole slew of friends and family who in all reality are on big extended Wild Dakota family.

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