Dave Angle

From Wild Dakota Outdoor Television

I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, attended Lincoln High School. I spent the next 2 years at SDSU pursuing a degree in wildlife management, college wasn’t for me. Even though I am a “city boy” my passion for the outdoors goes back to some of my earliest and fondest memories, fishing and hunting with my with my dad, uncles and grandfather when I was 5 or 6 years old. I began hunting and by age 14 I had a passion for waterfowl shared by my uncle Max and others as we began a weekly ritual of hunting ducks, pheasants, jack rabbits and fishing for the next decade. Life long friend Ed Peters and I have spent the last 30 years in pursuit of ducks, deer and turkeys covering much of this magnificent state, and most recently in the central part of the state. We have been joined by Denny MacRunnels, whom you have seen on the show. Now I’ve been joined by the next generation, my son-in-law Jeremy Thill who is new to hunting, and has become very passionate about deer and turkeys. Yes, my daughter and best fishing partner enjoys the outdoors as well, camping and fishing. Trish was the first female fishing with Wild Dakota on our second cat fishing show on the James River in 2003, and as always she out fished dad again. Since that time I have been blessed with a grandson, with whom I hope to teach the blessings of the outdoor lifestyle and my love of wildlife.
My biggest hunting thrill was in 1999, on an island in Lake of the Woods. This fall hunt culminated with me taking a beautiful black bear and giving me the biggest “rush” of adrenaline only another bear can attest to, with their first bruin.
I also happen to be the luckiest guy in the state, by volunteering to sit in a tree one cold November afternoon with a young coworker wanting someone to run a camera. How could I have forseen what would come from a few stints as a tree sitter. I am still a full time salesman for the Karl‘s Tv and have been with the company since 1988, however on my days off, if Vern and Jeff need someone to run a camera, I’ll be home when I get there and I sure hope I’m not late for work.

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