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Travis Wilebski

From Wild Dakota Outdoor Television

Travis Wilebski

I was raised on a farm north of Lancaster, Mn. Hunting has run in my blood for generations,and outings for ground squirrels with my Grandpa Frank and Great Uncle Walt to protect the Holy Rosary cemetery just up the hill from my farm are some of my best and earliest memories. Hours spent cruising in Grandpa's old Maverick with a .22 single shot hanging out the window spurred my love of the outdoors and the hunt at an early age. Later came ruffled grouse hunting with my Dad, Larry and my brother Mike and Sister Cheri. My first game harvested was a woodcock in heavy timber that was retrieved by Bandit, our Springer. Then came hunting whitetails in the heavy woods and crp fields I grew up in at the eastern edge of the Red River Valley about 20 miles from North Dakota and 2 from Canada. I earned my way through the ranks and finally shot my first deer in my second year. It was a doe that ran across the highway and therefore out of our zone that was returned to me by another group of hunters. That was a huge lesson in sportsmanship I appreciate to this day, and I haven't forgotten their kindness. Life took me to South Dakota, where I was introduced to pheasant, elk, muleys, and antelope. It was different from my bear, deer and grouse hunts back home, but I came to love those wide open spaces as my second home. Little did I know, the best was still in store for me.

Travis Wilebski

A neighbor took me on my first duck hunt, and it changed who I was. Sure, I was pretty good at all the other stuff, but it came to me as naturally as sniffing a spent shell or spitting onto an ant pile. It just felt right being in the muck, water up to my belly, sipping coffee and watching the clock and the black fighter jet silhouettes that shot past me in the wee hours, their wings whistling. My favorite moments in this life have been sharing this with my daughter Cassie and son Hunter, both of whom I am very proud of, not just for the hunters they are but for the people they have become. Our little group, the Recoil Junkies, is a small band of brothers (and sisters) who are my South Dakota family. I am also looking forward to reliving some of the early years with my girlfriend Lisa, and her 2 kids Carter and Ella. Being asked to be on Team Wild Dakota as a pro staff member has long been a dream of mine, and now I get to live it with some great guys who all have a love for the outdoors, respect for game, and are willing to give back what we have been blessed with through our KKIDS and OAF programs. I am one of the lucky few to get to live a dream, I thank everyone who sponsors and enjoys our show. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Kkids board member, 6th annual Cottontail Classic 1st place , My Fishing Pond Event coordinator, and I won a stuffed panda at the fair for guessing how many jelly beans in a jar.

Cottentail winner

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