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Scott Bauer
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     Like so many other sportsmen, I was born into my passion for the outdoors. My father was taking me hunting and fishing since I was about four years old. I cherished my time spent with my father as a child hunting for pronghorn, mule deer, and elk in Wyoming where I grew up. My father also exposed me to the art of fly tying and fly fishing for trout at the age of ten. Before I could hit the water for the first time, he made practice fly casting in the back yard. I didn't enjoy that a great deal but loved hitting the water and watching that first rainbow trout surface and take the fly I tied. The fight was amazing and I was hooked.

     Life changes and I ended up leaving Wyoming to attend college in Nebraska and South Dakota. Today, I reside in Tea, SD and have been here for about 16 years. While attending college I was exposed to many new and exciting outdoor adventures. These include turkey hunting, whitetail hunting, pheasant hunting, waterfowl hunting, and walleye fishing. I love them all but find that walleye fishing is my true passion. Whether for recreation or competitively, I find myself looking for new walleye adventures and ways to continue to improve my skills as a fisherman. In 2015 I was blessed to travel with Ted Takasaki for three different pro walleye tournaments. The experience was out of this world and I even won a little money as a co-angler. I was also blessed with a top 5 walleye tournament finish at the Platte Chamber tournament in 2015.

     Whether I am in the mountains of Wyoming hunting elk, calling in a giant gobbler in Nebraska, or fishing the waters of the Missouri River targeting the elusive walleye; I need the great outdoors! I would not be me without my time spent outside.


From the Producer;

     A few things you will not hear come from Scott's mouth but we see it being a part of the Wild Dakota's extended family.  He is Dedicated, Driven, Persistent, Understanding, Giving and Modest!  Maybe not in that order but this is what we will demand out of our team and what he shows inside and out making him the perfect extension to the family.  I thank you Scott for making all of us better in so many different ways that I can not explain.  Your passion for the present and the future of where these sports go is the vision in all of us!  A true SPORTSMEN and Legend in his own right!!!  Scott's picture should be right next to the definition in the Webster's dictionary!

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