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John Oyen
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"In those days, it never mattered if we caught fish as long as we had fun!"

      My name is John Oyen and I grew up in a large family in a small South Dakota town. The outdoors was the glue that held us together. My earliest childhood memories are of waking up early to go hunting or fishing with my older brothers. Waking up early to stay in the camper, where our only luxury was gas lanterns, is one of my fondest memories. In those days, it never mattered if we caught fish as long as we had fun  and enjoyed each other's company. As I grow older, my passion for the outdoors grew with me. Waterfowl and pheasant hunting, were two of my favorite past times using a "Boomstick". There is nothing like the thrill of hearing the Arial bombers coming in on top of you or the chaos of wild feathers fluttering in front of you. 

     In 2009, I married my best friend; and although she doesn't share my passion for the outdoors, she is supportive in everything I do. Now 4 kids later, I am passing on those outdoor passions that my family gave to me. Every chance we get, we try to make new memories. All of my kids have different interests, whether it is prepping and clearing tree stands, getting ready for an archery hunt, or being knee deep in mud trying to catch that monster cat, every memory is worth the effort it takes to make them. 

     One of my greatest accomplishments in life came in the fall of 2016, when I was approached by fellow outdoorsman, Travis Wilebski and started the McCook County KKIDS chapter was started. Through my network of great friends and fellow outdoorsmen, we can now pass on our knowledge to keep the next generation active in the outdoors. Keeping Kids In Outdoor Sports now takes up most of my free time and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have made great friends, my kids have made great friends, and it makes our family of outdoorsmen continue to grow.

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