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Kaynen Nipp

     I was raised hunting. Since age three I tagged along with my late grandfather Garry and my uncle Keith in the cornfields and shelter belts around lake Vermillion chasing white tails and rabbits, bundled up and wearing in my extra small orange vest. As I grew older I discovered one of my favorite past times, chasing panfish in the shallows. There wasn’t a week where there weren’t days on end where you’d find me at the small lake blocks away from my grandparents house catching bass and bluegill. I kept tagging along hunting and out fishing my family until I was ten years old.

     On one of my favorite days of my life I discovered my obsession. It was a warm September morning and we hiked through the slough, my uncle with decoys on his back and I had a single shot 20 gauge on my shoulder. We randomly threw out decoys and waited on the slough we called the boot. We sat and watched the clock tick down and the swamp come to life. As we watched the clock switch over to shooting time a flock of teal flew in, and I was hooked. After a day of shooting three teal and a gadwall I was simply amazed with duck hunting, the fact that a painted fake duck and a couple pieces of wood and plastic can lure in these beautiful birds still amazes me.

     Through the years I hunted pheasants, rabbits, deer, and even a grouse or two, but my true calling was in the swamps of the Wild Dakota wetlands, or counting down the days until duck season in a small John boat chasing panfish. Kaynen Nipp- Wild Dakota Field Staff

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