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Mike Tietjen

      Greetings All, my name is Mike Tietjen of Wild Dakota Outdoor Television.   Faith, Family and The Outdoors are my greatest passions.  I was born and raised in Brookings, SD.  As a youth  living in East Central South Dakota,  I was given many opportunities to experience and enjoy The Great Outdoors.   Although I like to hunt, I simply LOVE to fish.   Fish do not care who you are, what type of boat you drive, how old you are or anything about you.   They simply give the person on the other end of the line, joy.   Growing up I didn’t have much in the way of material things but I did have a loving family, a ten speed bike and a fishing rod.   I went fishing nearly every day and it didn’t matter what fish species bit, as long as they bit.   In turn, multi specie fishing became my passion.   I learned a simple formula from my fishing Hero, Al Lindner; Fish/Location/Presentation=Success.   Understand the fish you are pursuing, the locations they frequent at different times of the year, and how to present a bait/lure for them to bite and you will absolutely be a successful angler!   From the kid on the 10 speed bike, to the Pro I am today I am constantly learning new techniques, applications and patterns in regard to fishing.   If it swims, I am a fan and learn as much as I can about that particular fish.


Today in my later 40’s, I still laugh, smile and talk to myself when landing a fish.  For those of you that have witnessed this spectacle on Wild Dakota Outdoor Television, you may be able to  hear me saying “THIS IS A BIG FISH” when in reality, a plump little 16” walleyes finds the net.


   Vern Boer and I are very similar in this way, and feed off of one another while pursuing our quarry. Fishing brings a bond that cannot be broken.   Whether you fish with family, friends, guide clients or in tournaments a fishing partner in most cases is someone that you trust, appreciate and can relate to.   Just another bonus to being a fisherperson!


In 2005 I was fortunate enough to meet Jeff and Vern Boer for the first time.   We later filmed a show together pulling crank baits for bluegills!  It was a unique and fun day on the water, and truly one of my favorite shows to look back on.   I was then lucky enough to be asked to join the WILD DAKOTA TEAM and haven’t looked back since.   Without question, some of my greatest memories and relationships in the last 14 years came as a direct result of being affiliated with Wild Dakota Outdoor Television.   My fellow Wild Dakota Team Members are so much more to me than that, they are family.   Vern is affectionately known as “Mr President or Dad2”, Jeff is known  as “JB or Jeff For Ree”, the list goes on and on regarding my Wild Dakota Family.   The doors opened to one of the best friendships of my life with Ted Takasaki, thanks to Wild Dakota.


    Through WD I have been given Pro Staff status for various companies in the fishing industry such as Humminbird, MinnKota, Northland Tackle, Skinzit and  Fillet Maker to name a few.   I am forever grateful to the Boers’ and the opportunities they have given me.


     Every day we strive to make Wild Dakota Outdoor Television better.  We are a family friendly show, educational and FUN!   It’s always worth your time to tune in and see what we are up to on this weeks Wild Dakota!  If you see me on the water pursuing any variety of fish, please take a minute, say “hello” and gain a fishing friend.   Until then, as we say at the end of every show “We are out of time, so fish hard, fish safe, have a successful season and we will see you next week right here on Wild Dakota where we are born free, we live wild and we are PROUD to be AMERICAN!!

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